Your WorkLife Your Way (The Book)

Your WorkLife Your Way (The Book)

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YOUR WORKLIFE YOUR WAY (The Book)is designed to help you to make your WorkLife work for you. 


Throughout this book, you will explore your imagination, you will go deep within yourself by asking yourself insightful questions, and you will give yourself continuous feedback. You will write short stories - the stories of your WorkLife chapters.

It’s been said that the need for humans to tell stories is one of the most profound manifestations of the human spirit. I hope this book will inspire you to tell your unique stories to reveal your profundity. 

Your daily short stories are a stepping stone to your WorkLIfe novel.

Each chapter includes the following sections:


You will learn through people’s inspiring stories about their WorkLife experiences and situations - struggles and successes, and how they navigated through these to live their best WorkLives.


You will learn the importance of giving effective feedback to yourself because feedback is the greatest enabler to live your best WorkLife.


You will learn to ask better and more insightful questions of yourself. These questions hold the key to the answers that will take you to where you want to go.


You will learn to develop your story from your WorkLife experiences in a way that’s unique to you.


My intention is to empower you through inspiring stories and practical guidance. To help you manage your WorkLife learning, development and growth, in a way that’s best for you.